A DOG walker has praised a location app after it helped firefighters find him when his pet Lexi fell into a river and got stuck at a lock.

Russ Capper had been out walking the German Shorthaired Pointer on December 29 last year when she fell into the River Weaver at Vale Royal Locks.

Running ahead of Russ, Lexi, who normally returns on command, ended up chest-deep in freezing cold water, desperately clinging to a ledge she had managed to swim and climb on to.

When ringing 999 for assistance, the 47-year-old struggled to pinpoint exactly where he and Lexi were.

But having heard about what3words a few months prior, Russ had downloaded the app onto his phone and was able to give the 999 call handler his precise location.

The app gave Russ his what3words address of ///rags.wishing.ember which allowed the fire service to find him and Lexi very quickly.

Northwich Guardian: Lexi trapped in Vale Royal LocksLexi trapped in Vale Royal Locks (Image: Russ Capper)

Once at the scene, firefighters in the water rescue unit were able to recover Lexi and bring her back to shore.

Russ said: "I am so happy to have had the what3words app on my phone, because it could have taken the fire srigade much longer to get to us, and Lexi might not be here today.

"I have recommended the app to my friends and family, you just never know when you might need it.

Posting on Facebook at the time, Russ added: "Thanks to everyone who stopped to help, especially the lady in the green running tights who also had a GPS and called the fire brigade in the first place; the couple from Davenham who also stayed and tried to comfort her; and the other male runner.

Northwich Guardian: Lexi the German Shorthaired PointerLexi the German Shorthaired Pointer (Image: Russ Capper)

"Your support was very much appreciated. Finally not forgetting the awesome girls and boys in red and yellow who were absolute stars."

Due to the length of time Lexi spent in the water, Russ immediately took her to the vet for an assessment.

She was confirmed to be in good health and was playing happily only an hour after her rescue.

The what3words app has divided the globe into a grid of 3m by 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words: a what3words address.

Northwich Guardian: A what3words addressA what3words address (Image: what3words)

For example, ///natively.older.using takes you to the exact entrance of Marbury Country Park’s car park.

The app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices with the technology used by 85 per cent of the UK’s emergency services. It also works offline.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service group manager Matt Barlow added: "For anyone seeking to raise the alarm and get help, the what3words app will pinpoint an exact location so emergency services can find someone in distress quickly."