TOUGH Mudder returns to Cheshire this September and participants can now register.

Tough Mudder North West is bringing the mud and mayhem back to the county as it promises an unforgettable weekend full of challenges and surprises.

The globally recognised adventure course, Tough Mudder, returns to Cholmondeley Castle, Malpas, on September 9 and 10, 2023.

Up to 10,000 participants will push themselves to the limits on a course that takes no prisoners.

With multiple distances over the course of the weekend, participants will look to take on a range of classic Tough Mudder obstacles from icy plunges, huge net climbs right through to electrifying passages.

Tough Mudder North West is a community favourite that attracts crowds from far and wide.

Widely known as Tough Mudder's muddiest course, those taking part will be unrecognisable come the finish line but it will be considered worth it for the renowned finisher's headband.

Event details and distances:

● Tough Mudder 5K: A Tough Mudder classic, the course will host both newcomers and returning participants in an attempt to navigate across 13 menacing obstacles and concrete-thick mud, making it a 5K like no other.

● Tough Mudder 10K: For whoever's willing to back themselves, take on this monstrous 10K, containing 20 of its renowned obstacles. Participants have no choice but to trust their fellow mudder in an event that requires an extreme level of teamwork and determination.

● Tough Mudder 15K: Anyone who completes the penultimate challenge deserves a lot of respect. Veterans and newcomers willing to step up will face 30 obstacles across 15 long kilometres. Its notoriety speaks for itself.

● Tough Mudder Infinity: An endurance experience like nothing else on earth, same obstacles, same course, but for infinity. Mudders will test themselves in a bid to become the ultimate obstacle course runner. The exclusive 50K club is looking for new members.

● 1 Mile Lidl Mudder Adventure: The famous Lidl Mudder sets to challenge future obstacle course legends as kids of abilities will need to work hard as a team to conquer the one-mile long mud bath, which is scattered with classic obstacles.

Matthew Brooke, managing director of Tough Mudder, said: “We’re beyond excited to head back to Cheshire for another action-packed weekend.

"Tough Mudder North West has always been a favourite of mine that always seems to test our entrants to the limit.

"Surrounded by the majestic Cholmondeley Castle, the stage will be set for a picture perfect, muddy weekend."

Tough Mudder welcomes people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels with open arms to come out and challenge their mental and physical toughness.

For more information and to register visit: