WHEN you think of music at a rural county show, traditional brass bands and troops of Morris dancers may be among the first things which spring to mind.

While these are duly celebrated at the Royal Cheshire, 200 members of Rock Choir is a sure sign organisers are keen to keep up with the times.

With singers from Northwich, Winsford, Knutsford, Chester and Warrington, the choir gave upbeat and emotional performances on both days, and showed tremendous spirit as the rain poured down on Tuesday morning. 

Rock Choir welcomes men and women of all ages and musical abilities, with more than 31,000 members across 80 branches across the UK.

Northwich Guardian: Kathryn Davies (centre) with Cheshire Rock Choir members after a performance at Groobarb Field Kitchen in KnutsfordKathryn Davies (centre) with Cheshire Rock Choir members after a performance at Groobarb Field Kitchen in Knutsford (Image: Rock Choir)

Choir leader, Kathryn Davies, says the group was made to feel a real part of the Cheshire Show community.

She said: “It's been just brilliant. It’s always a pleasure to be asked to sing at the Cheshire Show, especially for my members, as they come from all across Mid Cheshire.

“It’s great to be able to pull together all the local choirs for such a big performance.

“Living in the UK, you’re never quite sure what weather to expect. The rain was pretty torrential in the morning, but it brightened up and was lovely in the afternoon.

“I think we compliment the more traditional music, like the Morris dancers and brass bands.

“We’ve done the Show for quite a while now, and it’s lovely to feel involved with the community aspect of it.

“Between performances, we always try to visit the WI tent for a bit of cake. That’s my favourite, and all their displays and crafts are just fabulous.

“We also got to see the horse display – Atkinson’s Action Horses. They were stunning. 

“We used to have a member who’s a farmer, but she’s having a rest from choir at the moment.

“I like to image her running off to show her cows and horses inbetween our sets. That would be just brilliant.”

Rock Choir is always open to new members, who find an educational approach to music making, as well as a focus on the well-being aspects of choral singing.

Kathryn says it would nice if the choirs could attract a few more men to join them.

She added: “We do have quite a few men, but sometimes they just aren’t available for performances. Still, we’d love to see some more chaps come through the doors.

“Male voice choirs were very much the thing at one time, so it’s strange when people think of choirs as a female thing. 

“Our members feel great pride after performances. We work quite quickly through the repertoire, and we did two new songs at the show.

“Singing on home turf means a lot to them.”