DOG walkers visiting Tatton Park must keep pets on their lead after a number of recent attacks on wildlife.

The estate has issued an update to its dog-walking policy, which bans dogs from being off their lead within the parkland until July 31.

The temporary ban has been put in place to protect animals at Tatton Park, after dogs have attacked new deer calves, pregnant hinds and sheep.

Tatton Park will monitor the situation throughout July and a review of the policy at the end of the month.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesman for Tatton Park said: "We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes to Tatton Park, and we want visitors and their dogs to have an enjoyable and stress-free day.

"We also need to protect farm animals, wildlife and habitats and ensure everyone can enjoy the park, whether or not they have a dog.

"Our dog walking policy is reviewed regularly, and due to recent attacks by dogs on new deer calves, pregnant hinds and sheep, we ask that all dogs must now be on leads within the parkland until July 31, 2023.

"This measure will be monitored during the deer birthing season and reviewed at the end of July.

"Thank you for your understanding."