A THIRD allotment site could be created in Winsford, after proposals were met with enthusiasm at this year’s annual town meeting.

The meeting took place at Winsford Academy last week and one of the discussions surrounded the long waiting list for plots in the town’s two current allotments; Over Allotments in Moss Bank, and Wharton Allotments in Greville Drive.

John Malam spoke at the meeting.

He said: “Between the two allotments, there are 70 plots for rent to Winsford residents, and all are fully let.

“The waiting list has, coincidentally, 70 people waiting for a plot to become available, and for some it will be a wait of many years.

“The list will continue to grow as demand for allotments increases.

“I proposed that Winsford Town Council looks to open a third allotment site, on council-owned land off Kingsway, where a 2,000 square metre site could be created with approximately 20-25 plots, and when better to do it than 2024, for the centenary of Over Allotments.

“I was delighted a parish poll was held with all in attendance at the meeting voting in favour of Winsford Town Council now actively looking to open a third allotment site.”

Former mayor Joanne Moorcroft added: “It was great to have overwhelming agreement of residents and councillors, alike with the proposal by John Malam, to provide more allotments at town council-owned land near Kingsway.

“This is particularly pertinent at this time with the centenary year of the Moss Bank allotments in Winsford being in 2024.”