DRIVERS in Rudheath were ‘disgusted’ when a lorry carrying a load of 'rotting' animal entrails mixed with straw spilled its contents all over a main road.

King Street in Rudheath was left in such a state Cheshire West and Chester Council's (CWAC) highways department had to close it for several hours at 2pm on Saturday, May 13, while a thorough clean-up was done by a specialists cleaning team.

Several drivers reported a pig’s head among the spillage, while others had to jetwash their cars when they got home, with the smell, described as ‘absolutely disgusting', lingering for several days.

Winsford resident, Denise Appleton, who was driving down King Street at the time, said: “The wagon spilled rotten animal carcasses all over the road, and a couple of people even saw a pig’s head and entrails on the carriageway.

“The smell was absolutely disgusting. We’ve power-washed the car, but the smell is still there.

“There has got to be a better way of transporting this kind of thing. Imagine if it had tipped onto a cyclist, or the lorry had been involved in a collision.

Northwich Guardian: The council said they have no information about the origins or destination of the mystery truckThe council said they have no information about the origins or destination of the mystery truck (Image: Denise Appleton)

“Where had it come from, and more importantly, where was it going?”

Other drivers took to social media to express their concerns.

Jenny Eastman said: “The back of the poor HGV driver’s cab was caked in a load of smelly, pungent ‘bits’. Poor person – obviously having a bad day.

"The road was still closed four hours afterwards.

"It was heading towards Northwich. A lot of people are interested, even concerned, about its intended destination."

A CWAC spokeswoman confirmed the council has no idea where the truck had come from, or where it was headed.

She said: “The council's highways team were called by Cheshire Police on Saturday, May 13, at approximately 2pm requesting attendance to assist with an offal spillage on King Street, Rudheath.

“They attended site and due to the extent of the spillage, a road closure was required to clean the carriageway.

“It was also needed to prevent vehicles travelling through the spillage.

“A specialised contractor was required as it was environmental waste that required removing and cleansing.

“We do not have any details of the vehicular movement.”