CANDIDATES from the newly formed Winsford Salt of the Earth group have upset Labour to take control of the town council.

Fifteen seats, across six wards, were up for grabs on Winsford Town Council at yesterday's election.

Prior to polling day, Labour had a majority on the town council but this was wiped out as the Salt of the Earth candidates secured 14 seats.

The only successful Labour candidate was Nathan Pardoe, who retained his seat representing the Wharton ward.

The independent group had formed earlier this year with the aim of putting 'people before politics' and stood candidates for every available seat.


Dene Ward

Ernie Welch (WSotE): 837 (elected)

Chrissy Duffy (WSotE): 591 (elected)

Denise Bingham (Labour): 350

Turnout: 29.3 per cent

Gravel Ward

Martin Beveridge (WSotE): 603 (elected)

Richard Mault (WSotE): 454 (elected)

Joanne Moorcroft (Labour): 400

Turnout: 30.9 per cent

Over Ward

Pauline Fitzsimmons (WSotE): 639 (elected)

Jane Hulmston (WSotE): 611 (elected)

Lorraine Murphy (WSotE): 599 (elected)

Stuart Bingham (Labour): 512

Damon Horrill (Labour): 432

Charlie Parkinson (Lib Dem): 349

Danny Bond (Lib Dem): 332

Turnout: 26.8 per cent

​Swanlow Ward

David Edwards (WSotE): 659 (elected)

Luke Daniels (WSotE): 624 (elected)

Lyndsay Barwell (Labour): 318

Malcolm Gaskill (Lib Dem): 315

Ailsa Gaskill-Jones: 203

Turnout: 37.6 per cent

Verdin Ward

Wayne Fletcher (WSotE): 781 (elected)

Dan Ford (WSotE): 746 (elected)

Stella Mellor-Hill (WSotE): 713 (elected)

Tommy Blackmore (Labour): 503

Dave Moorcroft (Labour): 421

Dorothy Jump (Labour): 407

Ken Isherwood (Lib Dem): 180

Turnout: 29.8 per cent

Wharton Ward

Graham Newton (WSotE): 443 (elected)

Nathan Pardoe (Labour): 434 (elected)

Sam Hartley (WSotE): 422 (elected)

Simon Boone (WSotE): 408

Laura Whitehead (Labour): 323

Stella Maugham (Labour): 314

Bev Theron (Lib Dem): 121

Bob Barton (Lib Dem): 105

Turnout: 26.9 per cent