AFTER growing their own businesses while raising young children, two mums and best friends are turning their sights to helping other women - with a clothes swap in Northwich and a podcast exploring motherhood.

Rachel Dickson and Bhavini Mirza both have three children under the age of six and left their office jobs to start their own businesses and work around them.

Rachel owns and operates Sweaty Mama Cheshire West – pre and postnatal fitness specialists – and is a personal trainer with Mum to Mum Training, while Bhavini owns Little B’s Boutique in Northwich.

The pair have now come together, using their expertise to help other women in the area.

Rachel explained: “We have come together to offer a clothes swap, where women are able to bring along clothes they no longer wear and swap them for new (to them) pre-loved clothes.

“We had such amazing feedback from the customers after our first clothes swap on April 16, most of whom had swapped pre-pregnancy clothes that had just been sat in their wardrobe for years and walked away with new items.”

Rachel and Bhavini say they ‘absolutely love’ offering other women and fellow mums the chance to treat themselves, while helping the planet by stopping clothes going to landfill.

“A lot of mums don’t know how to shop for their postnatal bodies, and it offers a brilliant chance to browse items they wouldn’t usually go for,” Rachel added.

“We had some amazing dresses, outfits, shoes, and accessories, and we are planning another women’s event for Sunday, June 25, from 10am until 1pm at Winnington Community Building.

“We have discussed a future children’s clothes swap and also including some men’s items too, so watch this space.”

And that is not all Rachel and Bhavini are doing to help others, as their talents have progressed to creating a podcast together.

Rachel said: “It’s called Holymoly Mamahood and its available to listen to on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

“We discuss anything and everything to do with motherhood and all the ‘holy moly!’ moments we have!

“We are both so passionate about our ventures, individually and together.

“We are so grateful we have each other in our motherhood journeys and in general.

“We cheer each other on and support each other every day.”