A MIDDLEWICH businesswoman and former police officer has launched an innovative range of clothing that takes the stress out of dressing children with disabilities. 

Helen Hignett-Clawson, who retired from the force in 2016, designs all the clothes herself and has them manufactured here in the UK. 

The mum-of-three retired after suffered life-changing injuries in the line of duty and now suffers from a range of debilitating conditions.

She has overcome these challenges, and has now launched her own business - Adaptive Clothing UK – a clothing brand specially designed for children who have physical limitations.

She has also bought a business making clothes for children with conditions which make them extra sensitive, such as autism, and will be putting that range out under her Adaptive Clothing UK brand.

Northwich Guardian: Helen's collection includes sunsafe swimwear Helen's collection includes sunsafe swimwear (Image: Helen Hignett-Clawson)

The 40-year-old hopes to make the lives of both children with additional needs and their carers that little bit easier with her clothes, which she designs herself, and are all manufactured in the UK.

She said: “The website went live on April 21, so I haven’t stopped. The fact I have three kids and it’s been Easter holidays wasn’t helpful, but it’s very exciting - I can’t wait.

“The clothes are to help both parent and children, depending which way you look at it. When you’re trying to get an arm in that’s got muscle atrophy, it can be painful for the child and stressful for the parent.

“We’ve put strategic adaptations in so the parent can just slip it over the child's head and pop everything in place so it takes less time, and it’s a lot less stress.

“We also have a line of clothing for children with autism, which makes it easier for them to wear in terms of their sensory issues. It’s designed not to irritate them.”  

Northwich Guardian: Helen's range includes nightwearHelen's range includes nightwear (Image: KJM Cheshire Photography)

For now, the collection includes everyday basics such as T-shirts, joggers and leggings, as well as sun safe swimsuits, vests and onesies.

Helen has designed all the clothes in the range herself, with sizes for babies and children up to the age of 16.

She added: “I knew what I was doing because when I have my episodes, I get paralysis down my right side.

“That means I know what needs adapting from an adult’s point of view, but I also have a friend whose daughter has cerebral palsy, and a niece with autism, so I’ve experienced it from a child’s point of view too.”

Helen is supported in new venture by her family, including 11-year-old daughter Mia, who received a Pride of Britain award in 2021 after saving her mum's life when she suffered a seizure.

She has also partnered with charity Just4Children, and a percentage of all sales will be donated.