A FARMING project in Cheshire which creates meaningful jobs for adults with learning disabilities has opened its gates to potential new recruits.

The open day on took place on Tuesday, February 14, to attract new farm workers, or 'rangers', as well as carers, social workers, and teachers looking for opportunities for their students once they leave school.

Based at Dairy House Farm on the banks of Winsford Flashes, Let’s Farm is a collaboration between Darnhall farmer, Rosie Lee, and learning disability champion Nicola Colenso.

The 100-acre farm has been in Rosie's family for 59 years, and she says some of the current ‘rangers’ are among the best stockmen she has ever had.

Northwich Guardian: Proud mother of twins at Let's FarmProud mother of twins at Let's Farm (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “I could see there was a gap to be filled. People with learning disabilities over the age of 18 have so few options, but here they really thrive. 

“You couldn’t get a better stockman than some of these men and women. The animals aren’t just lines on a balance sheet for them. They really care.

Northwich Guardian: Ranger, Ryan Ward, with two-day-old lambRanger, Ryan Ward, with two-day-old lamb (Image: Newsquest)

“They've seen this flock all the way through, from lambing, keeping the pens clean, feeding, right through to when the animals leave the farm.

Northwich Guardian: Ranger, Zach Prince Ranger, Zach Prince (Image: Newsquest)

“When we’ve had animals die, which is inevitable on a farm, they just deal with it. One of the rangers turned to me last time and said, ‘don’t worry Rosie, you did your best.’

“They’ve exhibited at the Cheshire Show, decked out in their white coats and everything.

“Another thing they enjoy is the banter. We’re a real workplace, so you’ve just got to get used to that.”

Northwich Guardian: One of Let's farm's newest arrivalsOne of Let's farm's newest arrivals (Image: Newsquest)

Attending the open day as guest of honour was High Sherriff of Cheshire, Jeannie France-Hayhurst, who was delighted with what she saw.

Northwich Guardian: From left to right: Rosie Lee; High Sheriff of Cheshire, Jeannie France-Hayhurst; Nicola Colenso From left to right: Rosie Lee; High Sheriff of Cheshire, Jeannie France-Hayhurst; Nicola Colenso (Image: Newsquest)

She said:"I’m a farmer’s granddaughter myself, and I’m convinced that the farming life is better than anything for mental health and well-being.

“We are privileged to have such as place as this in Cheshire, which gives people a chance to focus on the things that really matter."