A NORTHWICH primary school where children returned after Christmas to find a ‘meteor’ in the playground has opened its doors to the public for an exhibition based on their discovery.  

The meteor stunt was staged by teachers at Charles Darwin Community Primary as part of a whole-school, two-week book project about the history and origins of planet Earth.

Based on acclaimed children’s author Mini Grey’s new book, The Greatest Show on Earth, the ‘book fortnight’ kicked off with the surprise giant meteor landing in the playground, with special effects, sound and lights, and the children returning to school to find it.

Northwich Guardian: Year 2 students Aoife Grennan (left) and Anays Marcu (Rob Goulding)Year 2 students Aoife Grennan (left) and Anays Marcu (Rob Goulding) (Image: Rob Goulding)

Each year group was then given a particular geological era to focus on, and the project was wrapped up with a full-scale exhibition of the work produced by the children, which included spectacular sculptures of prehistoric plants and animals, artwork, and poetry.

Headteacher, Adam Croft, said: “It was brilliant seeing so many members of our school community and the general public at our exhibition.

Northwich Guardian: Year 6 pupils were studying DNA (Rob Goulding)Year 6 pupils were studying DNA (Rob Goulding) (Image: Rob Goulding)

“I hadn’t thought anyone could be more wide-eyed than our children when they first explored the interactive work, but adult visitors were possibly even more blown away.

“I am incredibly proud and would like to give my thanks and admiration to all children and staff for their tremendous hard work and creativity, with particular thanks going to Sharon Ronald for her leadership of this project, as well as her positivity and sheer hard work.”

Northwich Guardian: Year 6 student Harry Lee stands guard over the meteor (Rob Goulding)Year 6 student Harry Lee stands guard over the meteor (Rob Goulding) (Image: Rob Goulding)

Visitors were invited to leave feedback. One parent wrote: “It really was the Greatest Show on Earth, and Charles Darwin certainly lives up to its motto of ‘where learning is a joy.”

Another wrote: “I loved my guided tour. It was great to see the history of our world through the eyes and artistic creations of our children.”

Northwich Guardian: Year 4 students Evie Clifton and Marcy Okell (Rob Goulding)Year 4 students Evie Clifton and Marcy Okell (Rob Goulding) (Image: Rob Goulding)

Deputy headteacher, Marianne Bennett, said: “Mini Grey, the author, was just brilliant.

“She gave up her time on three occasions to talk to the children about her inspiration for the book, the writing process, and answering lots of their questions. 

“She also visited the exhibition virtually and spoke to children about their work.

“Children across the school found her really inspiring.”