THE cost of moving two historic statues from Winnington to Northwich town centre will be 'at least £50,000'.

The statues of Sir John Brunner and Ludwig Mond, who together were responsible for developing Northwich’s chemical industry in the 19th century, now stand outside Mond House, on Winnington Lane, where they are not accessible to the public.

The plan is to move them to Pocket Park, opposite CRS Consultants, which back in Brunner and Mond’s day was Parr’s Bank, where the pair obtained their first loan to create their chemical empire.

The cost to move the grade-II listed artworks will include restoration of the statues and their plinths, a survey of the ground where they will stand, plus substantial transportation costs.

Northwich Guardian: An artists impression of the statues in their proposed location (Cheshire West and Chester Council)An artists impression of the statues in their proposed location (Cheshire West and Chester Council) (Image: Cheshire West and Chester Council)

Northwich town councillor, Sam Naylor, who is involved with the project, said: “It is going to be at least £50,000, and it will probably be considerably more than that. That’s just the ballpark starting figure.

“We won’t know what kind of condition they are in until an expert has really examined them, but there will be a cost to do any necessary remedial work on the statues themselves.

“As they’re listed, in all probability, it will have to be a specialist company who does the work.

“These two guys are responsible for the development of Northwich is so many ways. They were instrumental in forming what the town is today.

“It’s going to be expensive, but there is a determination to get them outside the bank were the two men went to secure the funding to kick it all off."

As founders of the original Brunner Mond and Company, the pair built Winnington Works and first produced soda ash in the town in 1874.

The pair chose Northwich area because of its large salt deposits, an essential ingredient in the maufacture of alkalis.

Cllr Naylor added: “The company they founded became ICI, which used to employ 10,000 people at Winnington Works. It had its own hospital and fire station. That was the scale of the operation.

“Once they are in situ in the town centre, Cheshire West and Chester Council will take over responsibility of looking after them.”

At this stage, is has not been confirmed where the money for the project will come from.