A FISHING lake managed specially for disabled people, the elderly, and children, is being used as dumping ground for rubbish and stolen shopping trollies.

As well as being a haven for wildlife and birds, Wyvern House Pool, near Winsford town centre, offers quality fishing for people with mobility issues who need to park their car close to a lake, or need to use public transport to get there.

But recently, members of Winsford District Angling Club (WDAA), who manage the lake on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council, have seen an increase in people dumping rubbish bags in the lake, along with possibly stolen bikes and shopping trollies from the nearby ASDA supermarket.

Lee Saville, a WDAA water bailiff who gives up his time to maintain the lake for fisherman and wildlife alike, said he knows of cases where schoolchildren have taken rubbish bags from litter picking teams and thrown them into the lake as a game.

Lee said: “It’s the kids. When they come out of school and there are guys there that have been picking litter, they are picking up the bags and throwing them back in the lake.

Northwich Guardian:

“That sad thing is, the lake is there for them. We maintain it so the youngsters have somewhere they can get to easily to fish.

“It’s also for the over 65s and those who can’t go far. At least they can get there and have a little fish.”

“I’ve also pulled three bikes out of there that have obviously been stolen from somewhere.

“We have been on to Asda to see if they could get the trollies you have to pay for, but they said it would be too expensive.”

WDAA chairman, Burt Reid, said: “We just want to highlight the vandalism that goes on down there.

“It’s used by hundreds of people, not just fisherman, but there is a small minority of anti-social people who mistreat it.

Northwich Guardian:

“A big problem is the trollies. The bailiffs ship trollies back to Asda on a weekly basis.”

An Asda spokesman said: "As well as working with Collex to offer a collection service for any trollies which go walkabouts, new locks have been ordered for the trolleys at our Winsford store.

"Residents who see an abandoned trolley can directly report it using the Collex app, so we can arrange for them to be collected and put them to better use."