TWO neighbourhoods in Winsford are among some of most deprived areas of Cheshire West, according to recently published census data.

The data, released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows that 19.1 per cent of households – almost one in five – in the Central Winsford and Over areas qualify as deprived.

The ONS looked at four key indicators – education, employment, health and housing – to rate each area.

For health, a household is classed as deprived if at least one member has health rated ‘bad’ or ‘very bad,’ or is disabled.

With housing, a home that is overcrowded, shared by people not of the same family, or without central heating is deprived.

In education, a household where no member has a level-two qualification or higher, and nobody aged 16-18 is in full-time education, qualifies, while deprivation in employment is determined by at least one member who is unemployed and not in full time education.

Winsford councillors have now called on the Government to do more to help those in need.

Cllr Nathan Pardoe, who serves on both Cheshire West & Chester and Winsford Town councils, said: "Everybody deserves a good education, access to quality healthcare and a positive future.

"Families shouldn't be worrying about going hungry or how to heat their homes.

"Twelve years of Tory Government choices have increased deprivation in Winsford and across the country, with a failure to invest what is needed into our essential public services.

"Despite more than half a billion pounds in cuts to funding by the Government since 2010, CWAC is investing in communities and working with town and parish councils and community groups to support those in need.

“Local authorities can't do it alone and the Government needs to do more to help."

Mike Baynham, an independent councillor who also serves on both councils, said: "The data represents a real lack of focus from Cheshire West and central Government to alleviate areas of deprivation in and around Winsford.

"I have been a councillor for eight years, and they are the same areas that were highlighted not long after I was elected. It is disappointing to see these areas on this type of list.

"What is needed is a real concerted effort, and I would encourage the council to work harder and do much more than it is already doing."

Damon Horrill, the Over ward councillor at Winsford Town Council, added: "In tackling deprivation I believe the provision of good youth services is critical and Over needs more.

"Young people will become the change their families need to escape deprivation.

"Families facing deprivation can easily become isolated or feel excluded from the wider community facing their problems by themselves without a social support network.

"Safe places to meet and get involved with activities or community life generally are needed, the Edge Building in Cheviot Square provided much that made a difference, I’d like to see something similar return.

"Those experiencing deprivation in our community are also the people most affected and put at risk by the ongoing cost of living crisis and reduction in government funding to local authorities for support.

"We have to do more to cater for the very real needs people living in Winsford face and we need to act now."