A YOUNG Shire horse that fell into a river and was unable to get out has now been rescued by firefighters.

A crew from Middlewich fire station, assisted by animal rescue specialists from  Lymm and Bollington fire stations, were called to a field on the banks of the river Wheelock today, Sunday, after reports of a horse unable to climb out of the river by itself.

Northwich Guardian: Delilah was unable to get out by herself (Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service)Delilah was unable to get out by herself (Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service) (Image: Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service)

On arrival, firefighters found a 16-month-old Shire horse, whose name is Delilah, unable to pull herself free from the mud and silt of the riverbed.

A team of thirteen firefighters were able to attach lines to the animal, and were eventually able to pull her free.

The horse was then checked over by a vet from the Equine Centre in Nantwich, who found she had suffered no injuries.

She was later reunited with her relieved owners.