A WINSFORD children’s author is marking 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by publishing a new book about the ‘boy king.’

John Malam, who is a trained archaeologist and a Winsford town councillor for Gravel ward, has published more than 200 non-fiction books for children in his career.

John’s books tend to focus on historical topics, ranging from dinosaurs to Roman gladiators, kings and queens of Britain, historic battles, ninja warriors and even Martin Luther King.

Thanks to John’s publisher, Hodder Education Group, Northwich and Winsford Guardian has 10 copies of John’s latest book, Tutankhamun: Search for the Lost Pharaoh, to give away to readers for free.

Northwich Guardian: Illustration from John Malam's latest children's book (Hodder Education)Illustration from John Malam's latest children's book (Hodder Education) (Image: Hodder Education)

John said: “The first children’s non-fiction book I wrote was a tie-in to the Indiana Jones franchise – Indiana Jones Explores Ancient Egypt.

“Now, more than 30 years after that book came out, my latest book also takes children back to the world of the pharaohs – and one pharaoh in particular.

Tutankhamun: Search for the Lost Pharaoh tells the story not only of Ancient Egypt’s ‘boy king’, but of the search to find his tomb in the famous Valley of the Kings.

“It’s the story of Howard Carter’s determined search for the tomb of Tutankhamun, which he was sure was still to be found.

“His discovery, 100 years ago this month, is one of the greatest discoveries in archaeology.

“I was at school when the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb came to the British Museum, fifty years ago in 1972.

“The thought of finding out about the past from digging things up fired my imagination, and it led to me studying archaeology at university, and eventually working as an archaeologist.

“After a while I moved into publishing, and then writing books of my own, for publishers around the world.

“I’ve kept my interest in archaeology all my life, and still have the book bought for me 50 years ago when the Tutankhamun exhibition came to London.

“Perhaps some of today’s children reading my little book will be inspired to find out more about the past and, who knows, become the next generation of archaeologists and historians!”

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