Since my last column we have yet another Prime Minister - the third in three months!

It’s incredible how quickly the Conservative Party is burning through premiers.

We might have another by the time of the next column or possibly a new Home Secretary at any rate.

While the horror show continues, in the real-world families struggle to pay their bills and mortgages. And let’s not forget, the Tories have been in power 12 years. This is a nightmare made in Downing Street.

As Chancellor, Rishi Sunak failed to grow the economy, failed to get a grip on inflation and failed to help those same households with a cost-of-living crisis that began on his watch.

Am I confident the PM can walk in the shoes of my Northwich constituents? Not at all given he is twice as rich as King Charles III.

And remember. While we all paid our fair share, Sunak’s family was squirrelling away money to avoid paying taxes that fund our schools and hospitals.

Sunak may be a more polished performer than Truss but some things never change.

When he stood outside number 10, he promised 'integrity', 'professionalism' and 'accountability'. But one of his first acts was to re-appoint Suella Braverman as Home Secretary just six days after she was forced to resign for a serious security breach.

Sunak is so weak he had to make a grubby deal to avoid a leadership election. It’s always party first, country second with the Tories.

Now the PM seeks a return to damaging austerity in the forthcoming budget, as he tries to dig himself out of the financial blackhole made worse by his useless predecessor.

But another round of austerity would mean people of out of work, a rising benefits bill, weakened public services and no-one spending in the shops.

Instead, Labour has a bold but realistic green growth plan to create decent jobs and bring down energy bills. Investment in our public services would pave the way for a more stable and brighter future.

In the meantime, I’m getting on with representing my constituents. That includes offering my support following the dreadful arson attack on Northwich Rugby Club.

Those responsible must be held to account. But out of this awful incident, it is heartening to see the community rallying round to donate so generously towards the club’s restoration.