A MAN was seen buying a metric tonne of sugar from a Farmfoods store in Winsford earlier this month - and all for his 75 bee hives.

Local pest controller Chris Bowyer bought two pallets – 972 x 1kg bags - of granulated sugar, plus twelve additional bags (to 'optimise multibuy savings').

He then took the sugar to his van with the aid of a borrowed pump truck, where he was helped to load it by helpful passers-by John Trow and his son Thomas.

Northwich Guardian: Chris has 75 hives (Chris Bowyer)Chris has 75 hives (Chris Bowyer) (Image: Chris Bowyer)

After his first shopping trip, Chris posted on Facebook: "Been an eventful Sunday - bought a full pallet of sugar plus 6 bags from Farmfoods!

"This is to make sugar syrup to supplement my 75 beehives that I’ve taken two tons of honey from this year."

Chris explained how his bees now need feeding up, so they have enough stores to get them through the winter months.

He got into bee keeping through his pest control business, Paul Jones Pest Control.

Northwich Guardian: Pest-controller Chris's bees (Chris Bowyer)Pest-controller Chris's bees (Chris Bowyer) (Image: Chris Bowyer)

He said: ‘I was called to a job in Crewe that was supposed to be a wasps’ nest, but it ended up being a honeybee swarm. That was my first colony of honeybees.

“When you’ve got the majority of the bees into a hive, you know you’ve got the queen because they all stay in – otherwise they would come out.

“I’ve had swarms out of a dentist’s roof in Weaverham and the art shop chimney in Northwich.

“Getting stung can be a daily occurrence with honeybees - you still feel it, but you get used to it.

“It can get to a point where people who’ve had bees for thirty years and get stung daily, then all of a sudden they get a serious reaction.

“The body rejects it – anaphylactic shock.

“I hope I’m never affected like that!"