EVERYONE has a psychic ability which can be developed according to clairvoyant Dawn Sherwood.

Dawn, 43, of Moss Road, Winnington, has not always been practising although she knew she had ability.

It was the death of her father four years ago, which was the catalyst to push the mum-of-two into the world of clairvoyance.

Dawn started by reading up everything she could on the subject and then, encouraged by her mother and sister, who were already involved in the psychic world, she started doing photograph readings.

People would send her their photographs through the post and she would look at them and do a reading.

Dawn, who works as an IT project manager in Manchester, said: "That was a brilliant way to learn.

"But I wasn't satisfied after a time.

"I like to have a laugh and fun and did a reading with someone who ended up being my manager and best friend and things just took off."

Since then Dawn, who lives with husband Graham, 51 and children Emma, 19, and Tom 16, has been taking psychic awareness classes.

The classes include meditation, auras, photographic reading, psychometry and the basics of one-to-one readings.

Dawn has a simple message.

She said: "I have always wanted people to realise that this is not a specialist subject and that if you open yourself up to what else is out there then you can be rewarded in many ways whether it be the simple pleasure of being able to meditate or, if you wanted, be guided in how to give clairvoyant readings.

"We have a lot of fun at the classes.

"People come along with an open mind. We do psychic experiments and they end up quite surprised."

Dawn also travels around the country doing a demonstration of mediumship, in which she likes to send the audience out with a smile on their face and also holds ghost hunts at Wincham Hall which are becoming increasingly popular.

Her next medium evening is on Thursday, May 29, at Plumley Village Hall.

For details, ring 07982 120671.