A Northwich restaurant and deli owner has reached out to residents urging them to ‘think local’ as the cost-of-living crisis deepens.

Rayner Müller, who with his wife Lynika runs Culinary Concept restaurant and deli on Barons Quay, reminded Facebook followers of the wider contribution local businesses make to the villages and towns where they operate.

Rayner said: “We light the streets everywhere you look, we turn on our lights when you need us the most in the darkest of times and bring colour to your world.

“I know, and we all know, that we are going to experience some hard times, but we really need you to think LOCAL!”

Rayner’s words seek to remind people the contribution of small businesses to towns and villages goes beyond the value of the good and services that they provide.

“We want towns like Northwich to cherish places like this. We stop people getting on the train to spend their money in places like Manchester or Altrincham.”  

Rising energy and fuel costs are a big concern for many small businesses in the UK at the moment.

While the government has been clear on how it will help people with rising domestic gas and electricity costs, it is still unclear about how it intends to support businesses.

Small businesses are less able to absorb these costs than large ones, meaning they have less choice about whether to pass them on to customers.   

Rayner added: “When you are out doing your shop, look at how you can turn your big supermarket shop into going local and helping the small guys out.”

“Your Asda bread can be rather bought from a small local baker, your vegetables from the green grocer, your takeaway coffee from the man on the corner.

“We have to remind you about us because when times get tough, we adapt, we make the changes to be there for you and keep the doors open when you need to get out.

“Things are not going get easier, but we can get through this! Think LOCAL!”