A NORTHWICH man who crashed his car into a house but didn’t tell the police has been disqualified from driving.

Zak Johnson, of Malpas Road, was driving his Ford Ranger vehicle on Friday, June 12, when he lost control and ploughed into the home of a neighbour living on the same street.

Despite the 30-year-old giving his details to the homeowner, who he knew, he didn’t think he had to notify the police as others at the scene had already done so.

The bathroom-fitter was appearing at Chester Magistrates Court on Friday, August 5, where he pleaded guilty to an offence of failing to report an accident.

Scott Woodward, prosecuting, told the court it had been around 7pm when the incident happened.

“Police responded to a call that a car had crashed into a house on Malpas Road,” he said.

“When police arrived at the scene, the driver wasn’t there, and the car had put a hole in the front of the house.

“Mr Johnson contacted police three days later to enquire about several items he had left in the car at the time.

“During an interview, he admitted being the driver and told police he had left his details at the scene.”

Michael Gray, defending, told the court how Johnson knew the owner of the house, who had told him to go home as he was ‘shaken up’.

“My client’s only offence is failing to notify the police,” he said.

“He left his name and contact details with the owner of the house, who he knew.

“The owner told him to get himself home as he was shaken up.

“People at the scene were called the police and my client simply didn’t realise he needed to formally report the accident himself.

“He understands now that is an offence and the fact he left his details should go a long way towards culpability.”

After considering the matter for a short period of time, magistrates accepted the explanation.

“While significant damage was caused, we accept you left your details and knew police were on their way to the scene.”

Johnson was disqualified from driving for a period of six months.

He was also fined £461 and must pay court costs of £85 and a surcharge of £184 which will help fund victim services.