DESPITE another drop in the price of fuel this week, major retailers are facing renewed criticism for not reducing them enough.

The cheapest price for unleaded on our patch (Asda, Barons Quay) is now 6p lower than it was last week. That follows an 8p drop from the week before.

However, roadside recovery firm RAC say some retailers were failing to reduce prices in line with falling wholesale costs.

They said the wholesale cost of unleaded – the price when it arrives at forecourts – is now back down to its early May price of 131.75p per litre, which saw average pump prices of around 167p per litre.

The “big four” supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, along with several other suppliers – have faced criticism for failing to reduce their prices in line with falling wholesale costs.

The RAC said that, while several reduced their prices last week, the cuts are not enough to be in line with the wholesale cost.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "July has been an unnecessarily tough month for drivers due to the big four supermarkets’ unwillingness to cut their prices to a more reasonable level, reflecting the consistent and significant reductions in the wholesale cost of petrol and diesel.

"What ought to have happened is that the biggest retailers cut their prices more significantly on a daily basis, given the wholesale price of petrol has fallen steadily over the last eight weeks."

Here are the top five places to fill your tank this week - with last week's prices in bold (if applicable).


Asda, Barons Quay, Northwich - 173.7p oer litre (179.7p)

Sainsbury's, Northwich - 174.9p per litre (183.9p)

Esso, Northwich - 174.9p per litre (182.9p)

Tesco, Northwich - 176.9p per litre 

Shell, London Road, Davenham - 176.9p per litre


Asda, Barons Quay, Northwich - 183.7p per litre (188.7p)

Tesco, Northwich - 183.9p per litre

Sainsbury's, Northwich - 183.9p per litre (190.9p)

Hartford MOT & Service Centre - 183.9p per litre

Shell, London Road, Davenham - 184.9p per litre