THE month long Festival of Arts comes to a close on Saturday (July 30) with a market in the town centre.

The market is a culminatation of the many events held thoughout July - the project being a collaboration between Northwich Art Shop, Visual Arts Cheshire and Northwich BID.

As well as an amazing arts trail around town featuring dozens of businesses, there were are also plenty of workshops for all ages and abilities to learn more about different styles of art.

The creative arts market will feature over 20 stalls, offering a range of unique products - there will also be a chance to own fabulous art and gifts as well as plenty of live music throughout the day.

Speaking ahead of the month-long festival, Phil Bower, owner of Northwich Art Shop said: "We’ve got quite a disparate range of opportunities for people.

“Right the way from basic pencil sketch workshops through to print making, pottery and sculpture.

“The idea is to give people an opportunity to have a go.

“And it’s for all ages too – we have no bar on anybody being involved, and that’s what’s really important.

"For the market, we’ve got around 18 individual artists and makers.

“It’s definitely something for the whole family.

“The way our town centre businesses get behind the events taking place through the Festival of Arts is fantastic, with so many offering prime window space to host local art pieces."

The Summer Arts Market will be held at Apple Market Place between 10am-3pm.