TO celebrate the release of the new Thor film, Northwich colleagues have been using their DIY expertise to create a unique toolbox in the shape of the superhero’s hammer.

Jonathan Shone works at Shadow Foam, a company located in Anderton that produces a tool organising foam for protecting tools and equipment.

Jonathan and the team release DIY project videos every week on YouTube – which have been watched by thousands – and their latest pays homage to a Marvel superhero.

The large DIY toolbox in the shape of Thor's hammer, celebrates the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, which came to cinemas earlier this month.

Jonathan explained: “We like to use recycled items where we can.

“We ended up finding some old jewellery boxes which we picked up for £10 and they formed the basis of the project.”

You can view the process of creating the toolbox here.

Jonathan, an electrician, has a passion for DIY and has been doing projects for around 15 years.

He said: "A huge part of our business is sourcing second-hand materials and building things ourselves - that's what makes us thrive.

“The one thing that has always worked for us is creating videos.

“A few of our videos have had a million views, especially if it’s something quirky and we’ve had fun making it.

“That was what we wanted to do – make things that were fun to watch.

“We have around 40,000 YouTube subscribers and we’ve been lucky to work with some high-profile YouTubers.

“We started seven years ago – I did the first couple of videos, and I then realised that editing was not my strong suit.”

A new video is now released every week and it’s a team effort to shoot and edit the footage together.

You can find the team on YouTube here: