PALS who release weekly videos showcasing their DIY projects have created a brand-new workbench using leftover scrap.

Northwich colleagues Matthew Wood, 30, and Jonathan Shone, 32, create videos watched by thousands as they show people how they make different items.

They recently built a high-end looking table when they noticed some leftover materials and an empty space at work.

The pair work at Shadow Foam, a company that produces a tool organising foam for protecting tools and equipment.

These used spare Einhell lockers, nails and paint which were lying around their workshop to create their latest piece.

They had to buy an £80 worktop from B&Q and £60 of wood lengths.

Northwich Guardian: The new workbenchThe new workbench

Matthew, from Northwich, Cheshire, said: "With the cost-of-living crisis you don’t want to spend loads of money on materials.

"We just used stuff lying around the lot - it was quite spontaneous.

"We'd had a massive pile of wood in the lot for about three to four years now and everything else was salvaged from car boots and things lying around."

Jonathan, an electrician, has a passion for DIY and has been doing projects for around 15 years.

He said: "We needed something bespoke and something that would fit the space.

"The most logical thing for us was to build a work bench - it's perfect for what we need.

"The only thing we bought was a few lengths of 3x2 the rest of the materials we used were recycled.

"The majority of things in our office have been built by myself or my team - that's including the shelves and the internal walls.

"A huge part of our business is sourcing second-hand materials and building things ourselves - that's what makes us thrive."

The pair's main aim was to see what they could create for as little money as possible - an activity they refer to as ‘bootstrapping’.

Along with the bench, they recently built a zippo lighters case using a collection of old lighters and an antique box - both bought second hand.

They also teamed up with fellow DIY experts Brothers Make earlier this month for their next big project - a custom-built IKEA hack Tool Wall.