THE pandemic proved to be a difficult time for everyone and none more so than Hannah Rose, who was so inspired she wrote her third book.

Hannah, who was left paralysed after contracting a virus at the age of 15 in 1999, had already penned two, and had no plans to make it a trilogy until fate intervened.

“It just seemed like a positive story to tell,” explained Hannah, who is now 38.

“The pandemic was really scary at first because I had to shield.

“It was also worrying because my dad got Covid at the start of it all and was really ill.

“It was the first time in about 20 years that I didn’t see my mum and dad for over a month.

“But it also made me realise how amazing the people around me are, because they worked so hard to make sure everything was ok.

“They just made the whole thing a lot easier for me and did so much to help.”

Northwich Guardian: Hannah Unmasked is her third bookHannah Unmasked is her third book

With the help of assistive technology, Hannah moved into her own home in Davenham in 2017 – as she neared the 20-year anniversary of her devastating diagnosis.

“This latest book is also about everything that has changed in my life over the course of those 20 years,” she added.

“Being able to manage during the pandemic without my parents just made me appreciate everything I have.

“That just would never have been possible about 10 years ago because the care I had back then just wasn’t right.

“The team I have now are just so caring and committed and I guess the book is actually a tribute to all of them and my friends and family for everything they do.”

Northwich Guardian: Hannah Unmasked is available to buy now on AmazonHannah Unmasked is available to buy now on Amazon

Hannah has once again been helped writing the book by her close friend David Mitchell, who she also wanted to thank.

She added: “I wasn’t really planning on doing another one, but I just thought it was important to think about all the achievements in the last 20 years.

“Part of the book covers the goals I wanted to achieve back in 1999 and I’ve been able to tick off every single box, which is something I’m really proud of.

“It also covers the importance of social care in enabling people like me to achieve their independence.”

‘Hannah Unmasked’ will receive its official book launch at Hartford Methodist Church Hall on Saturday, July 23, and is available to buy now via Amazon.