A NORTHWICH councillor has come out and nailed his colours to the mast with regard HS2.

Cllr Sam Naylor, the former town mayor and a Cheshire West and Chester councillor – said after being ambivalent about the project for many years was now heavily against it.

He said the benefits to the town and its people would be negligible and that the years of construction would cause widespread disruption and have a negative impact.

The second reading of the Crewe-Manchester bill was set to take place in Parliament on Monday (June 20) and although CWAC and Labour are in favour, Cllr Naylor said the money should be re-invested in improving the rail services already in place.

“The second reading has been sprung on us (only confirmed on June 16),” Cllr Naylor said.

“In my view, since CWAC came out in favour of it in 2016, things have changed.

“I’ve had my eyes opened recently and last week I went out to Lach Dennis and Lostock and met up with Kathy O'Donoghue of Mid Cheshire Against HS2.

“That group have been working on in for many years and they really know their stuff.

“I’m just really concerned for the future of Northwich because it’s going to affect it tremendously.

“It’s a seven to 10-year construction and it is going to cause so much disruption, which will impact on the businesses in and around the town.”

Northwich Guardian: Cllr Sam Naylor has said he is against HS2 as it would have a negative impact on townCllr Sam Naylor has said he is against HS2 as it would have a negative impact on town

With the bill passes the second reading, it will be followed by a petitioning period, during which those whose property or interests are specially and directly affected by the Bill can submit a petition, or objection, against it. This period will run until August 4.

“I just think it would likely put people off who would come to Northwich,” Cllr Naylor added.

“I’m against it, not only as a councillor for the town but also as chair of the Regeneration Forum.

“Here we are trying to pull out all the stops for the town and we’ll have this disruption year on year.

“The benefits for us are negligible.

“The bottom line is, we need a decent rail service as one train an hour just isn’t enough.

“That’s what they should be spending money on.”

CWAC have organised public meetings to updates residents and these will take place between 4pm-6pm on Tuesday, June 21, at Brio in Winsford and at Northwich Memorial Court on Wednesday, June 22.