WE were lucky enough to watch Ed Sheeran play the Etihad Stadium in Manchester last night on his Mathematics tour - and it's nothing short of absolutely spectacular.

Picture the scene.

You booked these tickets months ago and now you and 60,000 other people are waiting for Ed to arrive on stage.

The air is electric as a giant circular screen counts down the minutes, people screaming with excitement.

As it reaches 0, the screen rises up to cheers and applause, revealing the singer-songwriter, who is wearing a T-shirt which reads ‘Manchester’ in multi-coloured letters.

Just one man and his guitar - it’s the pure simplicity which makes this gig so special.

There’s no extravagant backdrops except for screens - albeit in the shape of guitar picks with some incredible graphics which change to reflect the theme of each song.

Northwich Guardian:

There’s no backing dancers and cheesy put-together routines.

In fact Ed himself assures the crowd no night will be the same because he doesn’t use backing tracks - everything is played live and looped back using multiple loop pedals.

There’s no straining your neck to get a good view, as Ed revolves in the centre of the stadium on a turning stage.

But what there is, is great music, amazing live vocals and a night you won’t forget (complete with fireworks!).

Northwich Guardian:

As well as the songs we all know and love like The A Team, Shape of You, Bad Habits, Thinking out Loud and Sing, there’s lesser known tracks which will really test who is the biggest Ed Sheeran fan in the crowd.

Ed says he has also made a few changes for this particular tour.

For some songs in the set, he invites a band to join him, each performing from different small stages - taking the atmosphere up an extra level with drums, guitars and keyboards.

The global superstar has two support acts opening his show - who don’t disappoint either.

Northwich Guardian:

Dylan is first to take to the stage and has arguably one of the hardest jobs in performing to a crowd which is only half full as people still trickle into the stadium.

But she is so energetic and her songs really get you in the dancing mood.

Next up is Maisie Peters, and you might recognise her songs from the radio - including catchy hit Psycho.

Northwich Guardian:

At the Friday night show, the support acts started at 6pm, with Ed taking to the stage around 8.15pm and the show going on until 10.25pm.

Between listening to Ed, you’ll be encouraged to sing along and you'll get to hear some of Ed’s stories about his journey from sofa surfing and playing small clubs, to becoming a songwriter for other artists, and now selling out stadium tours.

Northwich Guardian:

The Mathematics tour definitely does not disappoint (although brace yourself for the price of food and drink at the Etihad).

The Etihad shows started on Thursday and run through to Sunday.

If you’re lucky enough to be seeing the show in Manchester this weekend, you’re in for a real treat.