A HARTFORD radio presenter who used to host BBC Radio One’s chart show has launched a new business turning people’s lives into documentaries for their families and future generations.

Wes Butters, who currently presents across Cheshire on HITS Radio and Signal One, is embarking on a new project with ‘This Is Their Life’ which aims to ‘capture the past for the future’ and allow people to watch their loved ones back on high quality film.

He explained: “The idea came to me when I was looking through a huge box of family photographs.

“As I looked through the many faces of my own German relatives, I realised the only person who knew their names and their places in our family was my grandmother, who passed away in 2017.

WES BUTTERS - THIS IS THEIR LIFE from Mediable on Vimeo.

“All that history - all of our family’s stories and experiences - are now lost forever.

“I want to give others the opportunity to record this history, preserving it for future generations.”

Wes added: “Working in Ultra HD means years from now our documentary films will be as pin-sharp as the day we recorded them.

“Alongside high-quality interviews, we safely transfer and include home movies and family photographs to illustrate and enhance the life stories told.

“A book just isn’t enough and social media - for those who use it to record their daily lives - can’t possibly tell the whole story.

“We want to watch our loved ones back - to see their faces, listen to their voices, and hear their stories again and again.” 

Veteran broadcaster Paul Gambaccini was impressed enough by the concept to become the company’s first ambassador.

He said: “I just turned 73 years old. Fortunately, I’m in good health.

“But I am aware that we’re all going to the same station – we just take different trains.

“I think we should all leave behind such a wonderfully comprehensive record of our lives for our loved ones to experience and enjoy.”

Other fans of the project include actresses Gemma Atkinson, who shared the company with her 1.7 million Instagram followers saying: "What a brilliant idea! Creating memories for you and your family.

Sheree Murphy, actress and TV presenter, added: “Such an amazing idea, turning precious family memories into bespoke documentaries!”