Drivers have been hit by record-high fuel costs recently in another blow to Brits amid the cost of living crisis.

The average price of unleaded petrol across the UK according to Fleet News is now 162.54p per litre.

Meanwhile, diesel will set you back 176.81p per litre.

5 ways to make your fuel last longer

As part of our campaign to help you battle the cost of living crisis, here are five tips to help you make your fuel go further.

Keep a steady speed

Cranking up the accelerator can burn through more fuel than maintaining a steady speed. Accelerate gently and try to drive in the highest possible gear for your vehicle while remaining within the speed limit.

Drive smoothly

It’s not just about hard acceleration; smooth driving can help you save fuel. Keep your steering, braking, and accelerating as smooth and gentle as possible. Anticipating the road ahead can make it easier to start slowing down naturally (remaining in gear) when approaching stationary traffic and maybe even keep moving at a low speed rather than stopping and starting.

Cut down on air conditioning

If you’re keeping your windows closed on a warm day to avoid drag, you might also be tempted to blast the air conditioning to stay cool. Unfortunately, both AC and the heater use unnecessary fuel so it’s best to avoid them whenever possible.

Top up your tank

While it’s tempting to fill up your tank every time you head to the petrol station, only topping it up with the fuel you need can help you save petrol and money as you won’t be adding any unnecessary weight to your car.

Lighten the load

Heavy vehicles use more fuel so keep your load as light as possible to cut down on petrol. Do an inventory and take out all those things that you carry in your boot out of habit or cut down on the amount of luggage you’re planning to take on that weekend road trip and you could find that your full tank lasts a lot longer.