This is the heart-warming reaction of care home residents as they enjoyed a visit from two friendly therapy dogs.

Residents enjoy regular visits from Floyd, a seven-year-old Japanese Spitz and Loki, a 10-month-old Leonberger.

Floyd is a frequent visitor to Redwalls Nursing Home in Sandiway, Cheshire, as well as the other care homes run by Kingsley Healthcare Group.

He belongs to the centre's wellbeing coordinator Jodie Solaiman, who organises all the events and fun experiences at Redwalls.

Jodie's gentle-natured pet Floyd was first brought into the home to see how the residents would respond.

It was an overwhelming success to witness the incredible impact the dogs had on the health and happiness of the residents.

Loki, who belongs to a man visiting his mother, 'grandma' Jo, had both residents and TikTok viewers begging to see more.

Northwich Guardian: Floyd is gentle with all of the residents (Jodie Solaiman/Redwalls Nursing Home)Floyd is gentle with all of the residents (Jodie Solaiman/Redwalls Nursing Home)

So much so, that both dogs are now regular visitors.

Jodie, 25, said: "Dog therapy has been life-changing in our nursing home.

"It's so beneficial for the residents. I don't think the dogs mind the attention either!

"It increases their mood, provides comfort, can reduce loneliness, lowers anxiety and much more.

"Even for the residents that are bed-bound, they still have to ability to experience the happiness that a dog can bring. Laughter is the best medicine!"

Northwich Guardian: Resident Bob enjoying a visit (Jodie Solaiman/Redwalls Nursing Home)Resident Bob enjoying a visit (Jodie Solaiman/Redwalls Nursing Home)

Redwalls Nursing Home started posting videos to TikTok in May 2021 to share the special moments and experiences of the residents.

They have received millions of views and now have over 15,000 followers from around the world.

Jodie hopes that their TikTok content helps spread awareness of the 'endless benefits' of dog therapy.

She said: "You can see the happiness that our residents experience when the dogs come to visit.

Northwich Guardian: (Jodie Solaiman/Redwalls Nursing Home)(Jodie Solaiman/Redwalls Nursing Home)

"The positive reactions from the residents is why we have continued to provide dog therapy within our homes.

"We hope that it could encourage other homes to incorporate dog therapy into their care."