HOW often do you get to see a gig in a forest?

I’ll tell you – not that often.

If you fancy the trip to nearby Delamere Forest this summer – you can relive your youth doing exactly that.

Texas’ Sharleen Spiteri – supported by TikTok star Sam Ryder – will take to the woods on June 19.

“I’m looking forward to doing these gigs,” Sharleen said.

“They are in such brilliant venues and it will be great to be feeling the forest.

“I think we’ve done a forest once or twice before. It’s amazing to be able to play in these different venues as they create such a special feel.

“It’s quite magical and I like that idea. It’s lovely when music, nature and people come together.”

Sharleen has spoken previously about season albums and being able to play a spring and summer sounding album in summer is a perfect combination.

“Get ready to dance,” continued Sharleen.

“You think these songs will sound so good in the fresh air, I have that feeling.

“There are certain songs you know that were written when it’s dark and miserable nights and have that cold feel and them songs can also come alive when they are outside because another dimension is added to it.”

From Texas’ hits back in 1989, the key to longevity is all about releasing the build-up of energy that comes with recording the songs.

She said: “You don’t adapt on stage, it’s about letting go.

“When you’re making a record it’s a very controlled environment and everything is focused on the sound.

“When you go out and play live there is a freedom to it. Things happen and it’s about taking those moments and running with them rather than adapting.”

And although times go on, Sharleen still gets the giddiness that she had back then – even if it’s in a different way.

“The giddiness you have when you start out is literally like ‘holy sh*t’,” added the 54-year-old.

“Everything is coming at you and you’re like ‘this is amazing’.

“You go on stage, radio and TV for the first time and it’s a very different giddiness.

“The giddiness that comes now from being in a band for 36 years, there’s a respect and an appreciation of knowing how hard it is to maintain a level and to have ridden the wave.

“You can’t be at the top all of the time, there are dips and it’s about being able to ride those lows as well as the highs and having that pride of sticking to your guns and doing what you believe.

“I feel really lucky to go on stage when I look at an audience and see them signing their heart and soul out.

“You can see people are in a moment and that joy and feeling is special.

“It’s been amazing because you’ve got those people coming to see Southside and those old songs that they were 20 when they first came out.

“Then you have that middle audience that were the little kids at the height of Texas.

“Now you have this group that have discovered Texas during Hi with the Wu-Tang Clan and also Mr Haze and that giddiness is phenomenal.”

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