A NORTHWICH mum who wants to dispel some myths about women in sports has decided to write a children’s book all about it.

Danielle Oultram,  a mother of two girls, doesn’t want them to feel some sports are “off limits” to them because they are male dominated.

Careers advisor Danielle, who works at Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College, said too many girls drop out of playing competitive sport when they reach a certain age and was keen to help buck the trend.

It is hoped the self-published book will be the first in a series and follows Betsy Blu in her quest to become a great BMX rider.

“Growing up, I was always interested and participated in sport,” Danielle explained.

“And being a mum to two girls, it’s something I’m super passionate about.

“There’s so much value in playing sport, particularly in the confidence it can bring.

“Although there’s a buzz around women’s sports both nationally and internationally, there’s actually a decline when it comes to participation once girls hit their teenage years.

“I’m a firm believer that those foundations and that love for sport need to happen early on in childhood.”

Northwich Guardian: Jessica and Danielle with the Betsy Blu and the Great Sport Revolution bookJessica and Danielle with the Betsy Blu and the Great Sport Revolution book

The book was born, and the end product is a fine example of a local partnership as the illustrations have been created by Danielle’s colleague Jessica Corlett, who works for the pastoral support team.

“She’s always had an artistic flair,” she added.

“I also know she’s super passionate about improving female confidence like I am.

“So I told her my idea and she read the story and was interested right away.”

Danielle went on to explain how she hopes the book not only inspires her own daughters, eight-year-old Pearl and Primrose, who is five, but plenty of others too.

“I work with teenagers every day

“There’s still a gender inequality in professional sport, and differences in pay.

“I’m a keen netballer but my sport does not get anywhere the same exposure as the male dominated sports and that has a knock-on effect.

“In terms of the books, I’m targeting the male-dominated sports, that are not necessarily classed as sports for girls.

“I’ve already written the second book, and Jess is working on the illustrations, with ice hockey the chosen sport for that one.”

Betsy Blue and The Great Sport Revolution is available to buy via Amazon.