A NORTHWICH family has won their appeal to remove an Openreach pole which had been erected outside their front door.

Jan Pluta, who lives in Verdin Street, Northwich, said the large pole partially blocked access to her front door and gave off a ‘terrible, toxic odour’, leaving her children with headaches.

Councillor Sam Naylor, mayor of Northwich, visited the street for himself and also appealed to Openreach to get the pole removed.

He told the Guardian: “The current siting of the pole is simply not acceptable and there will be no further work until a compromise is found.”

The Guardian contacted the company for a statement on the situation.

Following this, Openreach confirmed the pole will be removed.

A spokesperson said: “Our contractors will be removing the telegraph pole today (April 27).

“Although the pole is legally sited, we fully appreciate that it isn’t in an ideal position from the householders’ perspective.

“Unfortunately, there’s no alternative location to position the pole due to the many factors - such as other underground services like gas and water pipes and drainage, and regulations on space left on the pavement for pedestrians, cyclists and prams - that we have to take into account.”