RESIDENTS have rallied around a village nursery as it faces a desperate search for a new home before its lease agreement ends this summer.

Louise Pugh is fighting to find a new site to house Moulton Nursery School and After-School Club before her lease ends on August 31.

The setting is currently run from premises on the grounds of Moulton School, in a building owned by a charity group who lease the land from the school.

In a bid to keep the valued business open, a group of parents and residents came together to try and raise funds to convert the old and derelict Moulton School canteen building into a new home for the nursery.

However, they are struggling to make these plans a reality.

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Parents of nursery children and other residents have shown their support for the nursery and after-school club on the Guardian’s Facebook page, saying it’s a ‘much-needed childcare facility that Moulton really needs to keep’.

Lisa Bydesign commented: “The after-school club has really taken the pressure off us as a family.

“We’d been juggling work and childcare and needed help.

“The best part is how much the kids love and look forward to going.

“I really, really hope Louise gets all the help she needs to make this happen.

“She has tried so hard to do something so positive for the community.”

Nichola Healey said: “This is a much-needed childcare facility run by fantastic staff that Moulton really needs to keep.

“The before and after-school club is invaluable.

“As parents, we are working longer hours than ever to support our families and we need businesses like this to enable us to work.

“Add in the extra housing recently built in Moulton and the prospect of even more in the future, there is more demand than supply for childcare.

“It takes a village to raise children - we have a fabulous village!

“And it needs some help from outside right now, please help us save Moulton Nursery School and After-School Club!

Emily Rogerson added: “It would be awful if this nursery was to close.

“Not only do the amazing team provide excellent nursery care, but they also support families by providing before and after school and holiday clubs.

“A sad loss to the village. Let’s keep it open.”