A CHESHIRE musician is set to launch his new EP in a hometown gig next month.

Chris Tavener, a satirical singer and songwriter from Northwich, will play at the town's Salty Dog on Sunday, May 22.

The 29-year-old, who now lives in Manchester, will also be playing at the Knutsford Music Festival on Sunday, June 12, after being invited by its organiser, BBC Radio DJ Mark Radcliffe.

Speaking to the Guardian about his new work, Chris explained how the pandemic and its three national lockdowns, had actually given him time to breathe and write.

"It's a five song EP which I wrote during Covid," he said.

"As a touring musician, you don't get a lot of time to sit down with a pen and paper and write.

"It can sometimes be a bit chaotic, so it was just nice to be able to enjoy that breather.

"And I think some of the songs are definitely inspired by being stuck inside."

Northwich Guardian: Chris Tavener will launch his new EP in Northwich on May 22 - Photo: Simon J NewburyChris Tavener will launch his new EP in Northwich on May 22 - Photo: Simon J Newbury

There is plenty of humour in Chris' work and he takes a satirical swipe at plenty of modern-day problems - including online gurus in the song 'How to Truly Win At Life'.

He adds: "My songs are never really written from an autobiographical point of view, but more about the things I've observed.

"The first single I've put out is about online life coaches.

"These conmen who display this luxurious lifestyle, when in actual fact they're just selling another hidden pyrimid scheme.

"The video was a lot of fun to make too and we made that in Barcelona.

"The EP is actually called 'Easy Ways To Be Happy' and its about these shortcuts to happiness.

"But the reality is, we know there actually aren't any."

After a pandemic-enforced absence from performing live, Chris is also excited to getting back on stage.

"The last two years have been a bit of a blackhole in that regard," he said.

"It has been great to get back to it and feels like a long time since I've done a big, ticketed show.

"I absolutely love Northwich and The Salty Dog and their whole ethos.

"I've never actually done a headline show in the town, despite doing loads of gigs and festivals, so it feels well overdue.

"And after that I'm supporting a band called Hope & Social at the Knutsford Music Festival in June.

"I've only worked with Mark a couple of times so I was really pleased to be asked to be honest."

Tickets for the upcoming shows and the EP - 'Easy Ways To Be Happy' are available online at christavener.co.uk.