A MARRIED couple turned their dream into reality during lockdown when they opened their own business in Northwich.

Angelus and Angela Ellis opened Fat Dog, their very own 'goth shop' on Spencer Street in April last year.

As Angelus explained when speaking to us, the shop stocks whatever his customers demand, but there is definitely a taste for the spiritual.

Northwich Guardian: Inside Fat Dog on Spencer Street in NorthwichInside Fat Dog on Spencer Street in Northwich

"I called it a goth shop when we were first opened, because I wasn't too sure how to sum it up," he said.

"Google has us listed as a metaphysical shop, which we didn’t even know was a thing.

"But basically, I spent a lot of time in Camden when I was younger.

"I've always wanted my own shop like the ones I went in down there as a teenager.

"It was actually my lifelong dream and then my wife said 'we'll do it then' right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

"The direction of the shop and the things we get in are very customer-led.

"So what we get asked for, we generally stock."

Northwich Guardian: Fat Dog is very much customer-led in terms of its stockFat Dog is very much customer-led in terms of its stock

From crystals and incense to bottles of herbs and resins - the shop caters for those seeking the alternative, including modern-day witchcraft.

"We actually have a group that meet in our shop," he added.

"My wife calls them the witchy-woo group.

"We also get a lot of people who practice spiritual medium-type stuff and ghost writing.

"If it's a bit weird, we'll sell it basically."

The shop is housed in the old printworks, with the history of the building dating back to the days when it was used as the architects for the shipyard across the road.

Northwich Guardian: Crystals are a popular item at Fat DogCrystals are a popular item at Fat Dog

"There's a lot of history here," he added. "When the weather's nice we hold community days.

"We have a car park because we're based a little bit out of town and we let little businesses have stalls on it.

"And its just a nice way to promote and help other businesses in the town.

"Our next one is actually on Easter Sunday."

Fat Dog is located on Spencer Street, just outside Northwich town centre.

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