A COMPANY headquartered in Wincham has pledged to donate more than £333,000 to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Thor, a chemicals manufacturer, announced it is donating €400,000 to organisations providing emergency assistance to those most impacted, benefiting initiatives in both the UK and Germany.

The company’s board of directors has also suspended all business activity in Russia and Belarus, including the sale of products manufactured by Thor for customers in those countries.

“The horrific events we are watching unfold on our television screens following the Russian Government’s invasion of Ukraine are beyond the comprehension of any rational person,” said David Hewitt, Thor Group’s CEO.

“It is our firm belief that in tragic circumstances like this, everybody has a responsibility to do what they can to assist, and if we all make a contribution then the message of solidarity it sends to the Ukrainian population is more powerful.”

Trade in Russia has been a key growth area for Thor Group in recent years, but plans to expand further into that marketplace are now on hold until further notice.

David added: “The consequences of this decision should be felt by a regime that has targeted aggression at a free and democratic neighbour – an act we find wholly unacceptable.

“It is important for businesses like Thor to consider their ethical and moral duty, not just our commercial interests, and we should condemn violence that is causing unspeakable suffering for innocent people.”