WITTON Albion have made an amazing gesture to show their support for Ukraine in their current plight.

The club have announced that 50 per cent of gate receipts from Saturday's home game against Whitby Town will be donated to causes aiding the Ukrainian people amid the current Russian invasion of their country.

"The current position in Ukraine has escalated disturbingly over recent days, with people losing their lives or loved ones due to the military action undertaken by the Russian armed forces," Witton's acting chairman Graham Wood said in a statement.

"The UK and Northwich have strong connections with eastern European countries especially Poland which has opened its borders to welcome Ukrainian refuges who are fleeing the conflict.

"The humanitarian damage that is being inflicted on the Ukrainian people is terrible and it is to be hoped that the fighting can be brought to a swift conclusion and the people of Ukraine can return to their homes and commence rebuilding their lives and economy.

"This is not only a great opportunity to come along and support Witton Albion but also sends a statement to the people of Ukraine that Northwich is with them in their fight for their freedom."

Ticket prices are as follows:

£11 adults

£8 concessions

£6 young adults aged 18-21

£2 under 18s

The match kicks off at 3pm at Wincham Park