A TALENTED teenager who has been home-educated since he was in year five has been offered a place at Cambridge University aged just 16. 

Despite having no in-school teaching or tutoring throughout his secondary education and learning everything from his home in Middlewich, Ernie Visick is taking his A-levels early this summer to secure his place at the prestigious Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Mum Emma White explained: “Ernie is taking four A-levels this summer in biology, chemistry, physics and maths and will read natural sciences at Cambridge.

“As he is home-educated, he can enter exams when he's ready rather than with his age group.

“He did his first GCSE in year eight and all his science GCSEs in year nine.

“Lots of home educators do this to avoid the stress of sitting all their exams at once and spread the cost.  

“He had to take an exam called the NSAA for his Cambridge admission which is part of the process, and he did this in November, scoring extremely high in both maths and chemistry.

“Ernie is self-taught. He worked with me through his GCSEs but has enjoyed self-studying at his own pace.”

Ernie is following in his brother Ossie’s footsteps, who secured a place at Cambridge University last summer after achieving three A* grades in his A-levels.

Emma has praised the Cheshire East Elective Home Education Department for its help during both Ernie and Ossie’s home education journeys.

“The department has been really supportive since Ernie and his brother Ossie started their home education in 2015,” Emma added.

“They have offered advice and references to support Ernie's application.”

Ernie said he has really enjoyed his home education, explaining how it has allowed him to choose his own subjects – such as taking astronomy GCSE from home at age 14, which many schools don't offer.

He hopes for a career in biochemistry eventually, but is looking forward to his diverse university course.

Ernie added that home education removed the competitive elements of school, which allowed him to explore any given subject to any extent, without feeling left behind.