A WEAVERHAM resident said she was ‘shellshocked’ to find out she had received an MBE in the New Year Honours List.

Cyndy Lloyd was recognised for services to young people in Cheshire after being a Scout leader for many years and helping countless young people take on new adventures and learn life skills.

This year’s Honours List continues to give recognition to those showing leadership in their local areas, with 63 per cent of the list awarded for community work.

And this rings true for Cyndy.

After being involved with St John Ambulance, she explained how her journey began with the Weaverham Sea Scouts.

“When my children first attended the Sea Scouts, I went along,” she said.

“The club leader was unable to go to camp that year and I said I was happy to go along and help.

“I’ve been a Scout leader ever since.

“I’ve had the opportunity to do so many amazing things.”

Cyndy, who is in her 70s, has ran a special needs Scout group – which she said is one of the highlights of her journey with the Scouts – and has also attended World Scout Jamborees.

As well as an impressive history with the Scouts, Cyndy also works with Care UK Charity in Northwich.

And her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Speaking about when she found out she was being honoured with an MBE, Cyndy said: “I was shellshocked.

“I understand that my husband has known about the original application which was made by the chairman of our group, but with Covid everything was badly delayed, so he was just as shocked as I was when we got the letter.

“It’s not something you can achieve on your own, it’s all the support you have from your family.

“We’ve all been involved in the Scouts.

“You can’t do any of this without the support of all the other scout leaders in the group too.”

Cyndy leads the Beavers – which welcomes boys and girls aged six to eight – at Weaverham Sea Scouts, which is located in Church Street in the village.

She also runs the Explorers unit there, which is open to young people aged 14 to 18 years old.