WHAT would happen in Northwich if an asteroid was to crash into the Atlantic Ocean from outer space?

That question, along with how we would cope with a zombie or alien invasion, and others, are all pondered in a brand new book by a first-time writer from the town.

Tom Barrow, the man who came up with the idea for the now world famous Pina Colada festival, has let his imagination run wild in the self-published work.

"Absolute Disaster: A Very British Guide to the Cinematic Apocalypse" is Tom's irreverent look at life beyond the silver screen and examines what could happen across the country if the UK was embroiled in some of cinema's most elaborate plotlines.

Tom explains: "It basically takes a uniquely British perspective and expands on the theories, logic and reasoning behind some of celluloid's most destructive blockbusters.

"What if we faced the absolute worst of the worst?

"Could we survive?

"Or would we all need to buy extra toilet rolls and home contents insurance?

"This book will hopefully find out."

Northwich Guardian: Tom came up with the idea for his book during the first Covid lockdown

Tom came up with the idea for his book during the first Covid lockdown

The idea for the book was born during lockdown when Tom, who works as an e-learning developer, found himself, like millions of others, on furlough leave during the first few months of the pandemic.

He went on: "I desperately wanted to get away from all the misery and endless purgatory of lockdown isolation, as I was living on my own.

"So I revisited some of my favourite films.

"I even watched old disaster films, just to make me feel better about the real-life turmoil unfolding around me.

"My logic was that this world was depressing, but at least we weren’t being taken over by aliens or enduring giant tsunamis."

The book answers questions posed by some of the classic disaster films released between 1995-2016, from Deep Impact (1998) to Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) with detailed analysis of 'what if'.

Northwich Guardian: Absolute Disaster is written and illustrated by Tom Barrow

Absolute Disaster is written and illustrated by Tom Barrow

"It takes a very light-hearted look at delving into some of these plots," Tom added.

"The film that got me interested in it was actually Deep Impact.

"I remember being scared by it when I first watched it when I was about 16.

"But there was nothing to say what actually happened in other countries around the world.

"So the book examines what would happen here.

"Having that confidence to write was really borne out of having the time in lockdown.

"And the technology is now there to be able to self-publish.

"So my advice to anybody would be, if you've got an idea for a book, go ahead and write it."

You can buy Tom's book online via Amazon using this link.