A FORMER Mid Cheshire College student and Willy Wonka superfan has amassed the world's largest memorabilia collection devoted to beloved Roald Dahl character.

Nicholas Anderton-Franklin's collection is so large, in fact, there is a 'Wonka Wing' dedicated to the house from the films Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005.

The 43-year-old's hoard also includes the last remaining 1971 screen-used prop Wonka bar given to Julie Dawn Cole – who played Veruca Salt – by director Mel Stuart on her 13th Birthday, the day she filmed the song ‘I Want It Now’.

And Nicholas – who moved to Lymm three years ago – is even known by the cast as, on meeting Julie at Comic Con in 2014, she said 'are you the guy that’s got everything Wonka?!’

He said: “When I saw the Johnny Depp film in 2005 and I remember I was sat in the cinema thinking it would be great to own a few Wonka bars.

“Within a week I managed to get hold of one of the ‘Dear People Of The World’ posters and thought this is cool.

“That quickly progressed into a lot of stuff from the Johnny Depp film. I’ve got a selection of Wonka bars, real and replica, as well as a two-metre pink and white candy cane from the chocolate river set.

“Within a year or two, I had a spare room full of Wonka objects, never thinking I’d be able to afford anything from the original film.”

Nicholas also revealed actor Julie gave him the last remaining Wonka bar – which is made of pressed cardboard.

He added: “About five years ago when Gene Wilder died, Julie rang me and said ‘now’s the time, if you want that Wonka bar, it’s yours’ and we came to an agreement.

“The Prop Store of London sold one at auction for £30,050 altogether. I didn’t pay anywhere near that but mine has more prominence.”

The films do mean a lot to Nicholas – who was inspired by art director Harper Goff to be a set designer.

Nicholas, who grew up in Crewe, added: “I have always loved the design of the original film.

“It’s an immediate connection to my childhood. You’ve got all the different kids in the classroom and there is always someone who relates to those five kids so that’s why I think the story has got longevity.”

On October 1, 2021, Nicholas and husband Donnie stood outside Munich gasworks on their honeymoon – the exterior location for the 1971 Chocolate Factory – fifty years to the day at 10am for the gates to open.And after watching each film hundreds of times, it will never get old for Nicholas, whose collection can only get bigger.