A FEMALE-led lifestyle and activewear brand born and inspired by Cheshire is open for business.

Larnia Ryder launched Ryde in October and offers a variety of outdoor and leisure clothing, with an athi-leisure range coming in the new year.

The brand prides itself on inclusive, durable and long-lasting designs with closed loop and biodegradable solutions.

Larnia, who lives in Northwich, even partners with local firms where possible and all designs are made in the UK.

Speaking about how the businesses started, she said: "I've always had the idea but the last 12 months is when I've sat down and got things done.

"I've worked in marketing with different people, and I found there was always this common link between feeling better and leading an active lifestyle."

Lockdown proved to be the spark for Larnia's business.

Needing something to do in her spare time, Larnia began outdoor swimming at a nearby beauty spot – Pickmere Lake.

"I starting getting in freezing cold water and the difference it made to my mental health was amazing," she said.

"And then I started noticing the clothes that go with that kind of lifestyle.

"I was thinking about creating something which I needed when I was freezing at the side of the water, and it's all rolled from there.

"I'm trying to create products which encourage people to be outside."

And this is what Larnia's brand is all about – a love for the outdoors and community, with the people wearing the clothes having as much importance as the products themselves.

Nature is at the core of Ryde in more ways than one.

As well as being designed to allow people to freedom to embrace the outdoors, Larnia's products strive to be eco-friendly.

While some products use recycled fabrics, others are sustainable in their high quality – meaning they will last for longer and reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill.

To find out more information and see what is on offer, visit ryde.store, facebook.com/rydestoreuk or instagram.com/rydestoreuk/.