As Storm Barra sweeps across the UK on Tuesday, there are strong winds and heavy rain over Northwich.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning, as a result of Storm Barra which is moving in from the Atlantic from Tuesday, December 7. 

The Met warned that high winds could cause some travel disruption and damage across the whole of the UK, including power cuts and travel delays and cancellations. 

Frank Saunders, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Strong winds arriving across the west through Tuesday morning, will spread inland and reach eastern areas through the afternoon and early evening.

"Gusts of 45-50 mph are expected widely, with 60-70 mph in exposed coastal locations.

"The strongest winds will ease across inland areas into the overnight period.”

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We've put together an hour-by-hour weather forecast for Northwich so you know what to expect for the rest of the day. 

Northwich weather forecast for Tuesday December 7


Wind will reach 36mph and the temperature will be six degrees.

Rainfall should stop until later in the evening, with a 10 percent chance of precipitation from 4pm.


There will be less than five percent chance of rain and temperatures will decrease to five degrees.

However, winds will continue to increase and reach 37mph. 


The Met Office predicts a 10 percent chance of rainfall from 6pm. 

Temperatures will stay at five degrees and winds will reach 40mph. 


Wind gusts will reach a peak of 47mph and there is a 20 percent chance of rain. 


Although temperatures remain at 5 degrees, the temperature will drop and feel more like minus one. 

Wind gusts will be 45mph at 8pm, decreasing steadily through the evening. 


Rain is very likely from 9pm, with the Met predicting a 90 percent chance of showers. 

Wind gusts will continue to decrease and reach 44mph. 


Temperatures remain at five degrees and there is an 80 percent chance of rainfall. 

Wind gusts will drop slightly to 42mph.


There will be some rain falling still, with a 50 percent chance of precipitation, and wind gusts of 39mph. 

Outlook for Wednesday December 8

As of Tuesday afternoon, there is not a weather warning in place for Northwich and the wider Cheshire area on Wednesday.

Temperatures will reach five and six degrees and there will be some sunny spells at around 2pm. 

Although it is expected that there will be rain all day on Wednesday, wind gusts will decrease considerably to 24-30mph.