A NETWORKING group is celebrating after passing more than £730,000 of business amongst its members in the past 12 months.

The dedicated members of BNI Vale Royal meet weekly on Tuesday Mornings at The Blue Cap, Sandiway, with the core focus of helping each other to thrive.

This landmark £730,000 figure is increasing every month and now the group is looking for new, Northwich-based businesses to come along and see what they do and learn how they can help to grow their businesses too.

Jamie Hardie, of Handcart Media, relocated his business from Yorkshire four years ago and joined BNI to make local connections.

He said: "BNI Vale Royal has been amazing for our business, it is like having a sales team working for you, all the members are actively looking for opportunities, promoting members’ businesses and making introductions for each other.

"More than one third of our new business now comes via BNI Vale Royal and we have also gained global partners through the larger BNI family that has enabled us to expand our offering and win more ongoing repeating business."

Dave Carter of The Car Charge People added BNI Vale Royal has become an invaluable part of his business that allows him to network and to grow his business using the power of referrals from fellow members.

BNI in the Cheshire Region has been around since 2000 and since then has passed tens of millions of pounds worth of business amongst its members and different chapters.

For more information, call 01606 515770 or email info@bnivaleroyal.co.uk.