A BAND from Northwich is finally set to launch its new album this week after the pandemic delayed its initial planned release.

The Gus Glynn Band, has several links to the town, with vocalist and guitarist Gus Glynn and drummer Simon both living here, while bass player Pete works at a community project.

The trio have been together since 2016 and released their debut album Daylight two years later and are now set to launch their latest offering, Echo the Hollow.

In a recent review of the album, its title track is described by Gareth Makin as "another fully formed single, with perfect bounce, a ripping guitar solo and a strong melody".

He goes on to say: "I would not be surprised if this doesn’t become a requested live staple with their fan base as a result.

"It’s a great set closer being ‘up all night’ as it is and presents the listener with a definitively adept and accomplished pop package."

The band playing at Northwich Plaza in July 2020, for Music Making a Difference Online Festival

The album was written and recorded pre-pandemic and on Thursday, December 2, it will finally get its launch at renowned live music venue Kash 22 in Frodsham.

Speaking to the Guardian ahead of the launch, Gus said: "We finished recording it just before lockdown.

"The plans we had for it obviously went out of the window at that stage.

"A lot of the themes on the album are to do with what's on everybody's mind these days politically, such as climate change.

"It started being written around the Trump time so in part, Echo the Hollow refers to politicians echoing hollow platitudes.

"But it's also about how the modern world where we live, having so many places to stand up and speak, but still feeling like you're shouting into a void somewhere.

"We don't have a particular stance on any of it, we're just merely observing it."

The launch gig provides an opportunity for the band to get back performing in front of a live audience, with musicians being hit particularly hard over the last 20 months or so.

"I get more nervous performing solo sets," Gus added.

"Its more of a comfort to be out there performing with the band.

"As a band we're always looking for grass roots venues around the country that support original music.

"So we'll be touring the album around at plenty of venues in the new year."

One venue already booked for 2022 is at The Salty Dog in Northwich on Friday, January 7.

For further information about the band, to buy the new album or tickets for upcoming gigs go to gusglynn.com.