A ‘DEVIANT’ golf pro has been jailed after he admitted downloading thousands of indecent images of children.

Charles Cuff, of Drillfield Road, Northwich, also pleaded guilty to a charge of voyeurism after filming himself and a woman having sex.

The 56-year-old, who is also known as Bruce, also had dozens of videos of the woman undressing and in the shower, which he captured using covert cameras.

Cuff was sentenced to serve 18 months behind bars when he appeared at Chester Crown Court on Monday, November 22.

Nick Williams, prosecuting, said how police had raided the defendant's address on December 5, 2019, where they seized a laptop, two mobile phones and several covert cameras.

He said: "He was interviewed by officers and told them he had never searched for indecent images of children.

"He actually said to them during the interview ‘sometimes you don't really know what you're downloading’."

As part of the investigation, police found 2,770 indecent images of children, including five videos in the very worst category, with the majority of the files deleted from the hard drive and accessed using special equipment.

"Most of the images are of pre-pubescent females and the videos featured children as young as three years old," Mr Williams added.

"There were more than 100,000 images that weren't categorised by police due to the large numbers involved."

Police also found a total of 96 videos which Cuff had filmed using covert cameras hidden in a bathroom and bedroom.

Northwich Guardian: Charles Cuff is a golf pro

Golf Pro Charles Cuff was jailed at Chester Crown Court

Nicola Daley, defending, told the court her client was genuinely remorseful and understood the embarrassment and distress his actions had caused.

"He is a very different person two years down the line," she said.

"Following his arrest, and while awaiting charge, he undertook a course ran by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation (a UK-wide child protection charity).

"Through the help of the foundation he was able to understand what the far reaching effects are of downloading such images."

Judge Patrick Thompson, told Cuff he had committed 'a quite dreadful' betrayal in terms of the voyeurism charge and said it was clear he had a sexual interest in children.

He said: "You made these videos in a sly, sneaky and covert way.

"And it seems to me you have a deviant sexual interest in children.

"You continue to deny such an interest, but you do not download videos of three-year-old children being raped, and there is no other word for it, if you do not.

"It is sickening and disgusting.

"I'm not confident you will be rehabilitated as you are still in denial."

Cuff was told he will serve nine months in prison for the five counts relating to the indecent images of children and the same term for committing acts of voyeurism, which will be served consecutively.