Schoolchildren are pulling out all the stops when it comes to recycling.

Pupils at Darnhall Primary School in Winsford are collecting plastic bottle tops to make a recycled piece of art.

The bottle tops are being collected in ‘Geraldine’ – a six-foot hollow giraffe made by British Ironworks as part of a large recycling project being introduced to primary schools across Cheshire.

‘Geraldine’ will be at Darnhall until Christmas, but the children are already keen to get started in filling her up.

Teacher Jenny Edwards added ‘Geraldine’ is also raising the children’s awareness of endangered animals.

She said: “Unfortunately, giraffes have now moved to the endangered species list. Geraldine is the perfect way to raise this awareness of endangerment to children.

“When Geraldine is full, we will be creating big pieces of bottle top art.

“We will also be displaying the artwork on the outside boards, so everybody can see.”

The primary school also has an eco-club which meets regularly and lessons teaching children about the importance of litter picking, how we can reduce litter, and its danger to animals.