A POST/PUNK duo are set to bring their exciting sound to Northwich over the weekend.

Newcastle-based Pave The Jungle have just released their new single 'Lucky Ones' and are gearing up to release a new EP called 'Waiting for Nothing' next month.

The alternative rock duo will play 12 UK dates during November, taking in the town's The Salty Dog on Sunday, November 7.

Singer and guitarist Rachael Whittle, who has been mentored by North East favourite Nadine Shah, explained the inspiration of the band's latest track.

"Alongside the expected truisms of small towns: boredom, insularity, alcohol abuse, petty feuds and violence; the song hits upon some of the virtues, as well," she said.

"A strong sense of identity, belonging, and close-knit community.

"Things that are so innately human, but so easily lost in the haze of modern life.

"The song took shape very late one night in my old flat, hence the calmer vocal style.

"When we got to the studio we thought this suited the track, and so it stayed."

Northwich Guardian: Pave The Jungle's latest single 'Lucky Ones'

Artwork for Pave The Jungle's latest single 'Lucky Ones'

At odds with Whittle’s sonorous tones, Pave The Jungle capture the conflict of the narrative with a score of pure alt-rock carnage.

Homing-in on the band’s math-rock influences, the duo find themselves completely in-sync as they hurtle through a track riddled with idiosyncratic rhythms, blistering key changes and a furious pace. Already a fan favourite at their live shows, “Lucky Ones” is destined to go off with a bang as the band begin their 12 date UK tour on November 5.

"It’s very fun to play live," Rachael added.

"Loads of twists and turns. One viewer on a livestream set we did recently said it sounds as though we’re 'chasing each other around a field'.

"I can definitely get behind that."

'Lucky Ones' follows recent singles 'Picture of Health' and 'Oddball', all of which were mixed by Spring King / Dead Nature’s Tarek Musa and are confirmed to appear on their upcoming new EP.

Northwich Guardian: Pave The Jungle are a Newcastle-based alternative rock duo

Rachael Whittle and Scott Jeffrey of Pave The Jungle

Tickets for the show at The Salty Dog are £6 each and available to buy via www.pavethejungle.com/tour.